Though Mick has been on many tours over the years, we were able to aquire some fantastic photos from Mick and the crew of their UK / Euro Tour and will be adding info and new pic's as we get them.


The International convention center in Frankfurt Germany hosts the Musik Messe in March each year, which is the European equivalent of the NAMM show in Anaheim. There is more of an International flavor at the Musik Messe as it is quite often easier for Europeans and members of the UK to attend, mostly due to it's proximity. During the Messe, Mick and crew met with endorsers and ran into quite a few friends as well. "The underground mall is a must see"!


Musik Messe Frankfurt Germany
Isn't this what Rock n' Roll is all about?


Mick, Trev Wilkinson, and "Doc" Pittillo at the Musik Messe in Frankfurt Germany 2002 at the Fret-King booth.


Ever since the Abbey Road album, Many a Rock 'n' Roll musician has dreamed of walking across the famed road in London. Mick and Sean Michael Radford could not resist. Photo courtesy of Cody Farrell.


In the Hard Rock Cafe vault in London, Mick had the chance to peruse lots of legendary guitars...this one caught his fancy. A 1954 Fender Strat that belonged to Duane Allman. Get this!...serial number 00017.


Legendary Abbey Road Studios
birthplace of many great tracks!


The crew decided to take the ferry boat from England to Le Port De Calais, France. One reason was so everyone could get a look at the white Cliffs of Dover. However, by the time all the gear was loaded and all were aboard, it was too dark to see anything but Mick's hat.



A candid shot of Mick with his Pittillo Custom on the train from Calais France to Italy. Mick and the guys ended up with an overnight stay in Leon France due to a scheduling mix up. Actually, the guy at the ticket booth in Calais lied!



Mick and Sean Michael Radford break from the action at the Rimini Music Fair in Italy. This is Italy's version of the NAMM show.


One of the most beautiful cities in the world...Rome! "Won't be playin' this coliseum any time soon"...Mick


Naples Italy: Mick and Sean Radford talk with crew while they wait for their gear to be released from shipping. Apparently this event has a very interesting story behind it. "Doc" Pittillo, second from the left, was along on this leg of the tour.


Left to right: Sean Radford, Mick, Cody Farrell, "Doc" Pittillo. The crew relax at an Indian restaurant after the Musik Messe Frankfurt Germany 2002.


Milan Airport December 30 2004, the last day of a 10 day stint in Europe, Mick and Valentino


Mick And Trev Wilkinson at the Fret-King booth, London Guitar Show 2003.


Mick and Sean Radford on their first stint in England at the HardRockCafe London 2002.


While Mick was in London he was invited to check out the first Hard Rock Cafe and the Celebrity vault, housing a rare collection of guitars and memorabilia. A musician named Jimmi James Mars was the tour guide for the Vault. During his routine he began to ask everyone who they were and where they were from. When he got to Mick, he discovered he and Mick had both worked with Tommy Boyce, from the songwriting team Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, tunesmiths for the Monkees and others. They had a jolly good time yakin' about the day.


Even though the front of Royal Albert Hall (above) was under construction, there was no way Mick was escaping without this shot.


Mick chastising the help outside a tobacco shop in Covent Gardens London. Did you know tobacco use is now the #1 preventable cause of death worldwide?


The Royal Residence: Let's just say the Queen's crib is loaded! Mick and Sean Michael Radford are joined by their personal assistant at the Royal Residence. Cheers!


Jimi's flying "V"
Serious Voodoo Chile'


Mick with a guitar he says he's only read about....Albert King's "59" Flying V. Mick would like to thank Jimmi James Mars, for he's a jolly good fellow!


Mick and crew take a couple of R & R days in sunny Venice Italy. More to come...as we can get it!


Mick, by the ornate bronze doors of the Cathedral at Miracoli, near Casalbordio Italy. Mick attended the midnight Mass at this historical landmark Cathedral December 24, 2004.


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