The Year Of The Blues... Congressional Proclamation has declared the year 2003 declared "The Year Of The Blues". And in this time of world conflict it is important to remember the universal language, MUSIC, and the Blues have always been the musical voice cryin' for PEACE. This year will be one to celebrate for Blues fans all over the globe, as many of entertainment's biggest stars will be paying tribute to the blues, including director Martin Scorsese, who will present a seven-part film series on this fantastic genre. We would like to invite you to join us in carrying on the tradition of the Blues as we present award-winning veteran blues and Soul artist Mick Radford and Almost Religion for one of the hottest events of the year!


Clockwise Above: Dante Melena, Ivano Sabatini, Angelo Canelli, Roberta Del Monte, Mick Radford. photo taken at the Castello Di Septe, Mozzagrogna Italy courtesy of Occhio Magico, Vasto Italy.

Mick Radford

Almost Religion is the newest project from American recording artist Mick Radford who is the founder of two international performing and recording groups: Louie and the Rockets and The Unholy Rollers. Mick Radford and Louie and the Rockets appeared in the American International motion picture "The Unholy Rollers" and recorded the entire soundtrack for the movie under the direction and production of song-writing team Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, who wrote many hit songs for The Monkees and many other recording artists. The film "The Unholy Rollers" starred actress and Playboy Playmate Claudia Jennings and was edited by Martin Scorsese with executive producer Roger Corman. Mick Radford has appeared on numerous television and radio shows all over the United States and Canada including the Jerry Lewis "March of Dimes Telethon", "The Tony Visco Show" in Seattle, and the Chuck Berris "Dating Game" show in Hollywood California. In addition, Mick Radford has had the privilege of recording with or sharing the stage with many of the world's top stars, including: Chuck Berry, Albert Collins, John Mayall, Maria Muldaur (Midnight at the Oasis), actress/singer Anna Maria Alberghetti (the film "Cinderfella" with Jerry Lewis), The Breakers, Ocean, Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids (the film "American Grafitti"), and many other North American Rock n' Roll, Blues, and 1950's artists. Mick's unique vocal style is a strong compliment to his early influences which are unmistakably rooted in Gospel, R&B and Blues and pays tribute to such greats as Ray Charles, Lou Rawls, Wilson Pickett, Marvin Gaye, Bill Medley (The Righteous Brothers), Roy Orbison, and others. Mick's guitar style, on the other hand is an amalgamation of early Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and James Burton, among others.  Almost Religion refers to a dedication to the Blues and R&B music genres and their origins. This powerhouse group is comprised of some of Europe's top musicians and performers whose collective recording and performing credits are staggering. The late Angelo Canelli (keyboards), Ivano Mancini Sabatini (bass), Dante Melena (drums), and Roberta Del Monte (vocals). Almost Religion is both progressive and nostalgic in that they perform Mick Radford's tracks like "Nothings Forever" and "Hand-Me-Down Blues" combined with choice renditions of 60's and 70s Blues and Soul-based hits by Cream, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and more. Almost Religion have begun their tour in Italy and will progress throughout Europe and the UK. You will get all the hot news, concert and event schedule, and more photos ASAP! In the meantime, check out the UK / Euro Tour and News pages for updates and new photos!


Mick with his Pittillo Custom at the Castello Di Septe in Mozzagrogna Italy. Photo courtesy of Occhio Magico Vasto Italy


Anna Maria Orfeo, Mick, Sean Michael Radford, Roberta Del Monte

Mick and Sean Michael Radford were interviewed by Delta One's principle DJ Anna Maria Orfeo at Delta One radio in beautiful Atessa Italy. Both Almost Religion and Sea Of Light were featured and all of central Italy was introduced to their music as well as their energy.  Mick and Sean took questions from call-in listeners. And even though Sean is fluent in Italian and Mick manages well, it required significant translation efforts for Roberta, who speaks English and was an incredible asset when it came to conveying more complex concepts. Later, Mick and Sean recorded some totally wild Delta One plugs.

Below: One of the first photos of Almost Religion taken at a rehearsal studio in Casalbordio Italy, prior to the addition of Roberta Del Monte.



Angelo, Mick, Ivano, Dante


Above is the official Almost Religion press photo originally printed in sepia tones. The page header photo is the color altenative, courtesy of Occhio Magico


Almost Religion

December 2004 they met at the Zanzibar Club in Vasto Italy to discuss plans around new music and project. There was some talk of TV appearances and tour dates for Europe, which included certain countries considered virgin territory for this crew. When we know the details we'll pass them on to you.


Angelo, Mick, Ivano
Take time out in Vasto Italy where Almost Religion met to discusss future plans.

Almost Religion
Castello Di Septe in Mozzagrogna Italy




Almost Religion and crew after a concert at "The Grand Canyon Pub", the hot Blues spot in Pescara Italy. Below, supporting Almost Religion, is powerhouse Trio Sea Of Light featuring Sean Michael Radford


Sea Of Light Pierluigi Ruzzi (Drums), Sean Michael Radford, Lucca Santini (Bass)


    Mick Radford & Roberta Del Monte

On one occasion when Mick and Sean were searching for players for their respective projects, a concert promoter, along with an endorser, took them to Atessa Italy where a well-known Blues band rehearsed regularly. Mick recalls this close encounter. "We showed up at this ancient building and were introduced to a trio with no singer. I can remember sitting there listening to some unusual renditions of the old classics and it was very cool yet evident that Blues was not native to Italians. What was even more peculiar was the fact that I could detect the guitarist's influences through Italian interpretation. After about three songs a chick shows up. I thought it was the girlfriend of one of the guys in the band. Turns out she was the singer and, about half a verse later, I knew she was perfect for the project". Roberta Del Monte was the only one recruited from that group.


    Roberta Del Monte
she'll make you wounder if you are going forward or back in time! photo by Occhio Magico


Mick and Roberta record tracks at Micio Maos studios owned by Domenico Pulsinelli in Palena Italy, an historical town partially chiseled into the base of a mountain in the Abruzzo region on the Adriatic coast of Italy


Almost Religion take a break from the rigors of the road and sample some of the fabulous Italian cuisine as one big familia.



Angelo and Dante relax backstage at the "Poker Club" resort in Casalbordio Italy


Angelo "Dr. Frankenstein" Canelli WARNING! we're not sure this world class keyboardist is safe to roam loose anywhere in the free world! www.angelocanelli.com


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