It would be nearly impossible to cover the myriad groups, projects, tours, etc. in Mick's career. In addition, we are limited by the availability of information and photos for some of Mick's involvement. Here are some rare, and in some cases, never before seen photos. We would like to thank those of you who have contributed to this site. If you have photos or information about Mick or projects past and present involving Mick, please contact us.




This photo was taken in a club in Kirkland Washington in 1976. The guitar is a Goya that was one of Mick's favorites for Blues as well as 1950s Rock and Roll. This is one of the rare ones. The Goya appears again in the black and white photo below. If you know where this guitar is please contact us!



Here is a rare shot of a rare project. Clockwise: Willie McCleod (keyboards, Albert Collins band), Dennis Vanryan (drums), Gary Shelton (Bass, B.B. King, Ian Mathews, Jesse Colin Young, Jr. Cadillac), Kevin Garrison (guitar), Mick. Photo was taken in Mick's 1964 T-Bird Custom Classic convertible in Bellevue Washington, Summer of 1976.


For a brief period in 1975, Mick paid tribute to Elvis Presley, resulting from Mick's involvement with the resurrection of the 1950's music and culture (see Louie and the Rockets) and (Unholy Rollers). The day Elvis died, Mick received a flood of calls, after which he terminated the project.


Mick (pre-cut) in a 1995 ESP promo shot. The guitar is a 1994 ESP Mirage flame-top, made for the Winter NAMM show. Mick used it to recorded all the solos on the four tracks on the "Media" page.


New Photo Found! Here is an incredible find! the third promo shot for SAGA, The highly successful pop/rock group that became Louie and the Rockets. This photo was never produced for distribution as the group SAGA was abandoned for the 1950s revival sensation Louie and the Rockets. In their day SAGA were touted as one of the best vocal groups to emerge from the Northwest. SAGA (left to right) Dale Luvas, Steve Buckner, Mick Radford, Blair Hill. Steve Buckner was replaced by Craig Thornberg just prior to the big break in the "Rockets" career.


       John Mayall, Mick, Soko Richardson

On the way back from performing on the TV show "Midnight Special", John Mayall and crew were staying at the Flint Michigan Sheridan Inn where Mick and the Unholy Rollers were headlining. On that same bill was Professor Irwin Corey comedian and star of the TV show "Doc". Mick and Mayall decided to jam at the end of the night, and two subsequent nights. Mayall was so impressed with Mick and his note-for-note "Hideaway" he asked Mick to join him for some dates where Rick Vito would not be available, due to scheduling conflicts. Apparently this shot was taken at an after hours pool party! Mick says he's still a card-carrying member of the "Brain Damage Club", started by Mayall. Soko Richardson died at the age of 65 on January 29th 2004 from complications of Diabetes.


Above is Mayall's "New Year, New Band, New Company" LP. Mick had the privilege of performing with the core of this crew, which consisted of: Larry Taylor, Soko Richardson, and John Mayall.


Mick and Albert Collins reunite after many years. Here they are at the Fender booth at the 1993 NAMM show in Anaheim California. Albert was born Oct. 1, 1932, Leona, Texas, died Nov. 24, 1993, Las Vegas, Nevada. (see photo of Albert Collins, Chuck Berry, and The Rockets)


Mystery solved! Thanks to Neil Morris we have confirmation that the photo is of "Gone Hollywood". Mick was involved in this project around 1980, though the band was short lived. The line-up was: (left to right) Mick Radford (guitar/vocals), Johnny Le Flair (guitar/vocals), Don "Doc" Van Etten (Drums), and Neil Morris (Bass). If you have photos or other items of interrest on this project please contact us.


Rare Photo Thanks to a long-time friend of Mick's we have this rare photo of Mick taken in 1967. According to Mick, the amp is a Gibson falcon, the guitar is a Gibson ES-125 TD no cutaway. both were purchased in 1964 or 1965. The guitar and amp were probably used in the group "Beautiful Joe" with bassist Gary Shelton and drummer Jerry Jones.



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